Word problems for 2nd grade pdf

Take aim at the “Summer Slide” and get your students excited about reading with these titles picked specifically for kids at the second grade reading level. Jim, a New York City taxi driver, word problems for 2nd grade pdf a stray dog and dubs his new pet Maxi. Maxi accompanies Jim in his taxi and meets all sorts of people.

With each new passenger, Maxi makes a new friend — and even helps Jim get tips! The text is written in a bouncing rhyme, and Beuhner’s paintings capture Maxi’s doggy personality and Jim’s geniality. Can you find the cat in every picture? Meet Amelia Bedelia, the unflappable maid who does everything literally.

With her purse on her arm and hat firmly on her head, Amelia Bedelia follows instructions to a T: Change the towels? Nothing a pair of scissors can’t do! That’s when the perfumed dusting powder really comes in handy. Dress the chicken for dinner — well, do you want a boy chicken or a girl chicken? Something is making spooky noises in his room at night. It’s a perfect case for Jigsaw Jones, who pieces together all the ghostly clues.

Each month is gay, each season is nice, when eating chicken soup with rice. It’s nice in January, April, June, and December — here’s the every-month dish for everyone to remember. Stanley Lambchop is a nice, average boy. He leads a nice, ordinary life. Then one day a bulletin board falls on him, and suddenly Stanley is flat. This turns out to be very interesting.

Stanley gets rolled up, mailed, and flown like a kite. He even gets to stop crime. He’s flat, but he’s a hero! A little boy befriends a tree.

Loving and generous, the tree provides everything she can for him — fruit, shade, a place for a swing — throughout the boy’s life. He, in turn, takes from the tree without noticing the sacrifices she makes. It isn’t until he’s old and infirm and gratefully rests on her stump that he understands all she has done. This powerful parable is fitting for all age groups. A man walks into a lush rain forest and starts chopping down a huge kapok tree.