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Copyright of images belongs to cited photography contributors. The gene “w” is the yellow skin white dwarf fr pdf, recessive to white. I have modified the above table from Jeffrey, F. This dominant gene is responsible for the dark flesh colour of the Silkie fowl.

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This is a very simple explanation on the genetics. Unfortunately, there is much more, as “plumage colour genes” can influence shank colour significantly. These genes enhance black extension on to the epidermal layer. For example, Black: Pekins, Japanese Bantams, Leghorns, etc have yellow shanks. Other examples are Birchen Grey, Brown Red varieties with yellow legs. Shank colour may change from day-old to adult hood. There is a sex-linked recessive white skin mutation – y, but this gene would not normally occur in exhibition flocks.

A genetic analysis of self black plumage color in the domestic fowl. Images used in the following examples are from the Feathersite website. There is a gene for brown eye, but I can’t remember to much about it. I’ll have to look it up. I would expect blue and lavendar to do this too. I had a Blue splash Ameraucana rooster that had bright orange eyes with red streaks in them. I like the eye color, but I never got anymore like him.

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