Welding lab manual pdf

Do welding lab manual pdf want to advertise on this Website? What can we help you find? Find a program to fit your career plan. Prepare for a career as a welder through courses that combine theory and hands-on instruction and cover how to join and sever metals using industry processes.

Grads can write the second period apprenticeship exam. Requirements You will be offered admission to this program through direct entry if you meet the admission requirements and space is available. Applications are accepted until the program start date. Applications for fall 2018 open Oct. Program Details Program Description Over the course of this full-time, 30-week program you will learn the skills and theory taught in the first and second period of the Welder apprenticeship program.

You will learn how to join and sever metals using various processes used in the welding industry. You will also learn how to use other tools used in the welding industry. Upon successful completion of weeks 1 through 12, you will be eligible to write the first period AIT exam. In week 13, you will prepare to challenge the CWB- FCAW 1,2,3,4 GF welds. If successful, you will receive their CWB Certification.

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