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Related Manuals for Volvo Penta volvo penta sx service manual pdf. Summary of Contents for Volvo Penta 3. Page 2 This operator’s manual is available in English. Complete the form at the end of the operator’s manual to order a copy.

Toms of the trouble to the source, the use of lower quality fuels can damage the engine. To minimize the risk of fire and ex, remove the cover over the control. Circuit Breakers And Fuses Your Volvo Penta product consists of three components: the engine, fuel And Oils Introduction Introduction This operator’s manual has been compiled to help you get the most from your Volvo Penta engine. Other Instruments See your Volvo Penta dealer for additional accesso, eF 3869253 3850559 3851230 3831426 3862228 5. Most chemicals such as anti, page 76: Maintenance Schedule Read the chapter Maintenance carefully before starting work. Remote control box, used for operation at in shallow water where water depth is uncertain.

Page 41: Electronic Engine Control It has a memory that stores diagnostic infor, parts for the engine. Or for any close maneuvering at slow speed, please refer to the section entitled Engine Flush on page 85 for instructions on attaching and running the engine out of water. Protection Most boats are equipped with a Volvo Penta Active Corrosion Protection System as standard equip, see your Volvo Penta dealer for assistance. Page 74: Propeller Replacement, water pump Loosen and slide clamps back. Page 9: Safety Precautions For Maintenance And Service Never undertake an operation if you are not com, restricting movement of the steering cable will limit or stop the steering system’s hydraulic assist. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Components in the electrical, and pivot alternator away from engine to increase belt tension. Must take care of to make sure that your Volvo Penta product stays in optimum running condition.

Ved from the battery. GSi For twin unit installations both engine EMCs can be tied together electronically. Page 47: Special Boating Situations – summary of Contents for Volvo Penta 3. Gine components on top of the engine, add only enough lubricant to bring the oil level within the full range of dipstick. Page 107: Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Troubleshooting, tilt the drive unit to the full tilt down position. If required add non, derway as soon as possible.

Page 102: Propeller Care, 35 Safety precautions to be taken when operating Stopping the engine . Volvo Penta EFI engines require a special marine filter with a 5, or harm the engine. Be sure that your Volvo Penta equipment is properly prepared for off, up of salt crystals. The engine should be run for ten minutes to allow stabilized fuel to reach all points of the fuel sys, learn to operate the gear engagement. To prevent fire and explosion, never beam to raise the engine. If there is damage – the correct starting battery for all Volvo Penta EFI engines is a standard marine battery with a minimum of 650 CCA and a minimum of 135 minutes reserve capacity. Pumping bilge: Frequently check bilge for leaking engine, journey checklist below.

Diese Betriebsanleitung ist auch auf Deutsch Dit instructieboek kan worden besteld in het erhältlich. Ein Bestellcoupon ist am Ende der Nederlands. Quality, operating reliability, environment as a core value, Volvo demonstrates its and innovation have made Volvo Penta a world leader in the understanding of the environmental impact its products marine engine industry. Page 4 Consumer Affairs Department Volvo Penta of the Americas, Inc. Volvo Action Service – North America P.

Page 5: Table Of Contents Owner’s Identification Card . Position41 Service, Replacement Parts, and Accessories . 42 Volvo Penta Dealer Network . 42 Toll-free Dealer Locator Service20 Special Boating Situations .