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You will find trend commandments pdf download information, revelatory and challenging. All messages are posted in MP3 format and all workbooks are posted in PDF. There is no copy protection on these files, so you can share them with anyone hungry for the Word of God. Love Gifts to BLAAll of these resources are posted free to the Body of Christ.

They are made available by the free will offerings of our friends worldwide. If you are blessed by these messages, we encourage you to give to help the continuation of this internet ministry. The Body of Messiah must allow a new wine skin to be created in our hearts to accomodate the revelation of our priesthood in Messiah and the Tabernacle within! This new series is a must for every believer to prepare for 2012 and beyond. Rickie and Ruth Holmes to minister at the Light of the World Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. Here are the four messages he delivered to their wonderful congregation.

Unfortunately, very few knows what that means and even fewer do it! Learn what your true calling is. Everything else you will do in life and ministry will only spring for the WALK! It is the pathway to power, transformation, and blessing.

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