The great female con pdf

You’ve heard of “con men”—short for confidence men—but what about the con women of the world? Some deceitful dames used their wits and well-laced lies to achieve great wealth, fame, and even the advantages of the aristocracy. Back before blood the great female con pdf were readily available, it was pretty easy to con your way into a wealthy family line. One Swedish orphan proved all you need is a grandiose backstory.

In the mid-19th century, Magnusson declared herself Helga de la Brache, the secret daughter of King Gustav IV of Sweden and Queen Frederica of Baden. She concocted an elaborate tale of the divorced royals reuniting in a German convent and leaving her to live with her “aunt” Princess Sophia Albertine of Sweden. Following Sophia’s death—Magnusson’s story goes—she was forced into an asylum, where her claims of noble parentage would be sure to be ignored. After her “escape,” Magnusson petitioned Sweden for a royal pension deserving of her claimed lineage. However, a trial in 1876 proved all of the above to be pure fiction. The old orphaned princess line was previously employed by this 17th century Englishwoman.

After two failed and simultaneous marriages, a resulting bigamy trial, and a fling with a wealthy nobleman, Carleton fled England for the Netherlands. With this ruse, she seduced and sometimes wed a string of men, playing each only to rob them. It’s believed many of her victims were too embarrassed to reveal her deceit. But enough spurned lovers spoke up that her crimes did catch up with her, earning Carleton a death sentence by hanging at age 30. Born to a homeless couple in 18th century Liechtenstein, Erni concocted an unusual way to make a living, and it earned her the nickname “The Golden Boos. She’d travel the countryside with a trunk she claimed was full of treasure.

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Wherever she’d stop, she’d ask her hosts to lock it up somewhere safe—like where they kept their valuables. Erni had a little person accomplice who’d lie in wait within the trunk. Left alone, he’d emerge to rob the place before both would make their getaway. While her accomplice’s fate is lost to history, Erni was eventually caught, and after confessing to 17 robberies, she was executed by beheading in 1785.

Erni has the dubious distinction of being the last person executed in Liechtenstein before its death penalty was abolished. After coming to America in 1878, this Prussian con artist followed in the criminal footsteps of her forger father, regularly ending up in jail. Arrest record aside, Heyman was considered one of the sharpest con artists working. Even behind bars, she managed to bend people to her will.