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Even many Christians see creationism as a nice story, a “myth” to illustrate a philosophy, but is not factual history. Also Volcanoes, The genesis record pdf, Atmospheric Argon, Missing Isotopes, four strong evidences for an old earth.

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And finally, Three Reasons Why Evolution Makes No Sense, a link to a separate site that discusses the many problems with the accuracy of the theories of evolution. Rodney Whitefield has undertaken a study of Biblical Hebrew that is far more intensive than most seminary-trained students have done. READING GENESIS ONE is a book about God’s creation. This book is a powerful tool for resolving creation issues in Christian witness. Because many arguments about the Bible and its agreement or disagreementwith the historical physical record are flawed.

They are flawed because the Bible does not say that which the disputing parties claim. This may be either the Bible critic or the Bible advocate. In some cases both are arguing positions which are not in agreement with the biblical text. Genesis One does not say that the Earth is “young,” i. This fact is established independent of any interpretation about the length of the six “days” of creation. The translation chosen for the Hebrew word “yom” is shown to not determine the age of the Earth, or the age of the universe. It is also shown that the time between the first “And God said” of Genesis 1:3 and the completion stated in Genesis 2:1 is not limited to 144 hours.