The conquest of cool pdf

How bad will climate change be? No, this isn’t a denialist screed. Human greenhouse emissions will warm the planet, raise the seas and derange the weather, and the resulting the conquest of cool pdf, flood and drought will be cataclysmic.

While the climate upheaval will be large, the consequences for human well-being will be small. Looked at in the broader context of economic development, climate change will barely slow our progress in the effort to raise living standards. Climate change could cause half a million deaths in 2050 due to reduced food availability. But buried beneath the gloomy headlines was a curious detail: the study also predicts that in 2050 the world will be better fed than ever before.

2050 baseline when food will be more abundant than now thanks to advances in agricultural productivity that will dwarf the effects of climate change. That picture is typical of the scientific literature on the impacts of climate change on human welfare. It’s not even a new thing. Throughout history humans not only weathered climate crises but deliberately flung ourselves into them as we migrated away from our African homeland into deserts, mountains, floodplains and taiga. Global warming pales beside the climatic challenge surmounted by the Inuit when they settled the Arctic with igloos and kayaks, revolutionary technologies that improved their ability to travel and hunt. This latest episode in humanity’s ongoing conquest of extreme climates will likewise amount to just another problem in economic and technological development, and a middling-scale one at that. Environmentalists cite the 2006-10 drought in Syria, often credited with sparking the civil war there, as an omen of the crises climate change will bring.

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