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How to Write a Good Bug Report? If your bug report is effective, then its chances to get fixed are higher. So fixing a bug depends upon how effectively you report it. Reporting a bug is nothing but a skill and I will explain how to achieve this skill.

If a tester is not reporting a bug correctly, the programmer will most likely reject this bug stating it as irreproducible. This can hurt the testers moral and sometimes the ego too. I suggest not to keep any type of ego. What are the Qualities of a Good Software Bug Report? Anyone can write a bug report. But not everyone can write an effective bug report. You should be able to distinguish between an average bug report and a good bug report.

How to distinguish between a good and bad bug report? It’s very simple, apply the following characteristics and techniques to report a bug. Always assign a unique number to each bug report. This, in turn, will help you to identify the bug record. If you are using any automated bug-reporting tool then this unique number will be generated automatically each time while you report the bug. Note the number and a brief description of each bug that you reported.

If your bug is not reproducible, then it will never get fixed. You should clearly mention the steps to reproduce the bug. Do not assume or skip any reproducing step. A bug which is described Step by step is easy to reproduce and fix. Do not write an essay about the problem.

Be Specific and to the point. Try to summarize the problem in minimum words yet in an effective way. Do not combine multiple problems even if they seem to be similar. Write different reports for each problem.

Bug reporting is an important aspect of software testing. An effective bug report communicates well with the development team and avoids confusion or miscommunication. A good bug report should be clear and concise without any missing key points. Any lack of clarity leads to misunderstanding and slows down the development process as well.

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