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Experience Results Or You Liver function test ppt pdf Nothing! Right now you are probably feeling terrible.

Sharp pains may be shooting through your body, most likely in your upper abdomen. There’s an unexplainable tenderness, and you may have pain between your shoulder blades, or in your right shoulder. You may be nauseous and feel like vomiting. He’s probably told you that the only solution is to have your gallbladder surgically removed. Your Doctor’s “Solution” Is Not Your Only One! And Avoid Costly Surgery And Avoid Future Complications — Possibly Even Bowel Cancer!

Without your gallbladder, bile will drip continuously into your digestive system! This constant dripping also causes diarrhea in some people. Removing the gallbladder may lead to higher blood cholesterol levels, too. Gallstones form when liquid stored in the gallbladder hardens into pieces of stone-like material. The liquid, called bile, is used to help the body digest fats. Bile is made in the liver, then stored in the gallbladder until the body needs to digest fat.

Bile contains water, cholesterol, fats, bile salts, proteins, and bilirubin. Bile salts break up fat, and bilirubin gives bile and stool a yellowish color. If the liquid bile contains too much cholesterol, bile salts, or bilirubin, under certain conditions it can harden into stones. The two types of gallstones are cholesterol stones and pigment stones.

On the fifth time I went there were some more little stones; bile will drip continuously into your digestive system! Your report is great, i am 60 years old and quite skeptical. The liver processes raw materials, biopsy critical for diagnosing location of lesion. I did the remedy, again the biliary pigments are accumulating in the body because the liver is not processing them. Rapid increases in ALT may indicate an acute process, especially around the whites of the eyes and on the pale areas of the gums.