It”s your hormones by dr redmond pdf

Thyroid hormone tells all of the cells in your body how busy they should be. The most common causes of hypothyroidism worldwide are dietary—protein it’s your hormones by dr redmond pdf and iodine deficiency. In the developed world, where protein is plentiful and many countries add iodine to salt and processed foods, we don’t typically need to worry about protein malnutrition or iodine deficiency.

However, the rest of the world is not so lucky. More than 2 billion people around the world suffer from hypothyroidism due to iodine deficiency. A teaspoon of iodine is all a person requires in a lifetime, but because iodine cannot be stored for long periods by the body, tiny amounts are needed regularly. In areas of endemic iodine deficiency, where soil and therefore crops and grazing animals do not provide sufficient dietary iodine to the populace, food fortification and supplementation have proven highly successful and sustainable interventions. But the iodine erosion explanation does not make sense to me, and here’s why. Since they need iodine just as much as we do, and they do not have access to artificially iodized salt, how do they get their iodine? Do they have a secret stash somewhere that they’re not sharing with us?

We are told that humans need an average of about 150 micrograms of iodine per day. When you look at this list, it is easy to imagine how it might be difficult to obtain 150 micrograms per day of iodine, depending on what you eat. More than 70 countries, including the United States and Canada, have salt iodization programs. Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean regions.

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In the United States, salt manufacturers have been adding iodine to table salt since the 1920s, although it is still a voluntary program. I suspect that there is actually enough iodine in the environment to go around, and that we actually need less than 150 micrograms per day of iodine. Many plant foods contain naturally-occurring chemicals which disrupt normal thyroid function. The main job of the thyroid gland is to combine the salt iodine with the amino acid tyrosine to make thyroid hormone.

Goitrin is the most powerful plant goitrogen. Unlike most other goitrogens, this chemical can cause goiter even if there is plenty of iodine in the diet. Goitrin weakens the activity of the enzyme thyroid peroxidase, which is required to insert iodine into thyroid hormone. Thiocyanates are sulfur-containing compounds found in a variety of popular vegetables. Thiocyanates make it harder for the thyroid gland to absorb iodine because they compete with iodine for entry into the gland. Thiocyanates weaken the activity of the enzyme thyroid peroxidase, which is required to insert iodine into thyroid hormone.