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This article is about a list of systemically important banks. All G-SIBs and D-SIBs with headquarters in USA and Europe, are required each year to submit an updated emergency Resolution Plan to their Financial Supervision Authority. This requirement towards G-SIBs depend on an indicator-based measure of importance of banks pdf, interconnectedness, complexity, non-substitutibility and global reach, elevating it to be 1.

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The TLAC are amounts to be held in addition to the Capital Adequacy Ration requirements, by G-SIBs. The second list, further below, include all those financial institutions having been identified as systemically important by a national regulator, the so-called D-SIBs. Both Basel III and the EU regulation, in addition also introduced a potential counter-cyclical capital ratio buffer, which can be enforced by national authorities on top of the noted total capital adequacy ratios, with demands of up till 2. Dexia Belgium was bought out from the group by the Belgian state, and continue to exist as Belfius. Remaining part of the group was left in a “bad bank” to be liquidated.

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