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What Parts of a Plant Do We Eat? How do we Sense the Flavors of Food? Download all of the PDFs in a zipped archive. Caveat: file size is about 140MB and will take a while. Subscribe to our listserv to receive notices when we post new activities or significant revisions. The expression “hands-on, minds-on” summarizes the philosophy we have incorporated in these activities – namely, that students will learn best if they are actively engaged and if their activities are closely linked to understanding important biological concepts.

Additional information is provided in Summary Tables and in the Teacher Preparation Notes for these activities. To accommodate limited budgets, most of our activities can be carried out with minimum equipment and expense for supplies. These teaching resources include analysis and discussion activities, games, and overviews of important biological topics, including major concepts, common misconceptions, and suggested learning activities. Intro and Biological Molecules Is Yeast Alive? Students evaluate whether the little brown grains of yeast obtained from the grocery store are alive by testing for metabolism and growth. Students learn about enzyme function, enzyme specificity and the molecular basis of lactose intolerance through experiments with the enzyme lactase and analysis and discussion questions. Students engage in the scientific practices of designing and carrying out experiments and interpreting data.

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In this activity, students first learn about the structure and functions of starch and protein and the basics of the synthesis of starch, amino acids and proteins. Then, students learn about scientific investigation by carrying out key components of the scientific method, including developing experimental methods, generating hypotheses, designing and carrying out experiments to test these hypotheses and, if appropriate, using experimental results to revise the hypotheses. In this activity, students learn how to test for triglycerides, glucose, starch, and protein and then use these tests to solve a mystery. The activity reinforces students understanding of the biological functions and food sources of these different types of organic compounds. More Minds-on Activities More Minds-on Activities for teaching about biological molecules are available at Minds-on Biological Molecules. These include an analysis and discussion activity and a game for learning and review.

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