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Notes To get a list of code charts for a character, enter its code in the search box at the top. To access a chart for a given block, click on its entry in the table. The charts are PDF files, and some of them may be very large. For frequent access to the same chart, right-click and save the file to get out script pdf disk.

For terms of use, conventions used in this table, access to additional charts and ways to access the code charts, see Character Code Chart Help and Links. A much more professional approach would be sending results to PDF files. With our free module you can use Out-PTSPDF to send any result to a PDF file and enjoy creating sophisticated PDF reports for free in no time. The module comes with all that is needed. Adds a new command called Out-PTSPDF. This command accepts any pipeline input and generates a multi-page PDF file from it.

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It does not require any additional external software to generate PDF files. Downloading and Installing Just download and unpack the module. Import-Module PDFTools This adds a new command called Out-PTSPDF. It has plenty of parameters to help you generate the PDF in just the way you want it. Out-PTSPDF supports autosize, for example: it makes the PDF wide enough to display all content without truncating anything. You can choose different fonts and sizes, include page headers and more.

Getting Help Out-PTSPDF comes with rich help so you can examine its parameters and browse the examples. Credits At its heart, Out-PTSPDF uses the free and open-source library PDFSharp which enables it to generate PDF files without any additional software. The binaries are part of the module so you don’t need to install anything else. Now we hope you enjoy our latest module. Just drop me a line: . We do trainings throughout Europe in German and English.