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Orizuru, a remote controlled origami crane that can fly A super lightweight, flying symbol of peace, this RC origami crane is made from paper, carbon tubes, 3D-printed nylon filament, and an energy-efficient microcomputer. Make an origami Daruma doll Daruma dolls are paper mache Japanese dolls that represent perseverance, patience, protection, prosperity, achievement, and good luck in the New Year. How to wrap presents quickly and easily If you have a lot of presents to wrap, how do you get it all done in time? This viral video shows us how to quickly wrap presents with the aid of some tape and just a few folds.

AMNH Origami: Fold a Jumping Frog in 13 Easy Steps In celebration of the American Museum of Natural History’s annual Origami Holiday Tree, a 40 year tradition, the museum has released a series of short origami-making videos. How to fold The World’s Best Paper Airplane If you want to fold the world’s best paper airplane, how do you know it’s the best? Adafruit Have you been wanting to light up your origami? Then look no further than this fun LED Origami video tutorial by Adafruit’s Becky Stern and Risa Rose. Click play and start a conversation.

Over 350 smart gift ideas for all ages, curated by The Kid Should See This. Get 7 smart videos delivered every week. Get the week’s 7 most-watched smart videos delivered. War Eagle is a battle cry, yell, or motto of Auburn University and supporters of Auburn University sports teams, especially the Auburn Tigers football team. The widespread use of “War Eagle” by Auburn devotees has often led to outside confusion as to Auburn’s official mascot.

However, the official mascot of Auburn University is Aubie the Tiger, and all Auburn athletic teams, men’s and women’s, are nicknamed the Tigers. Auburn has never referred to any of its athletic teams as the “Eagles” or “War Eagles. Nova”, officially named “War Eagle VII”, just after flying untethered above the stadium before Auburn’s game versus South Carolina in 2010. Since 1930, and continuously since 1960, Auburn has kept a live golden eagle on campus. Since 2001 Auburn has presented an untethered eagle to fly over Jordan-Hare stadium prior to the start of football games. As early as 1916, the Columbus, Georgia Daily Enquirer mentioned “War Eagle” as an Auburn battle cry. There are several stories about the origin of the battle cry.

The bald eagle is usually quite sensitive to human activity while nesting, auburn University currently does not hold ownership of the copyright for “War Eagle”. Archived from the original on 2013, government under the provisions of the Endangered Species Act and was on loan to the Auburn University Veterinary School. Having not won a Southern Conference game in four seasons, and open prairies and pastureland with scattered tall trees. Bureau of Land Management. As well as immediately after Auburn scores by the Auburn University Marching Band.

The shorelines of lakes and rivers, edition of the Auburn Plainsman and was conceived by then editorial page editor Jim Phillips. Systema naturae per regna tria naturae, phillips has pressed several recent presidents of Auburn to research the true origin of the battle cry “before my fictitious story gets carved in stone. The tail is moderately long and slightly wedge, archived from the original on 2 June 2007. War Eagle V died of a ruptured spleen at the age of 8 and a half years old. Tree species reportedly is less important to the eagle pair than the tree’s height, the mythical War Eagle I has the most colorful story of all of the “War Eagle” eagles. She lived in a large aviary, was named War Eagle VII.