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Phone has been my favorite smartphone platform for quite export pdf to excel file while now, and I have rarely had a reason to regret my decision. Message conversations is one of them. Let’s look at how you’d do it.

Once the backup is complete, you may proceed. Step 2: Now, you need to locate the backup files on your computer’s hard drive. The path would be different, depending on the type of the operating system. Tunes stores the SMS data in a backup in this file in a long encrypted file name, as can be seen in the screenshot below. Backup, assuming that Windows is installed in C: drive. Step 3: Copy the SMS database file to a convenient location, and there you have your backup safe and secure. The next step is to find a way to decrypt the message data contained within, for which there are quite a few apps and online services that you may turn to.

However, our recommendation here would be this link here: iphone-sms. SMS database file, and the web app will let you export the readable text messages as HTML, PDF or MS Excel format files. Did this guide help you out? Are there any further tips that you may want to share on this subject? Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. Subscribe to our RSS Feed !

Something about uploading my SMS backup to a site so they can convert. Can you list some actual apps to do it locally? So I upload the whole mobile backup? And they get all my data? No, you only upload your SMS backup file. Because what happens if your phone is lost or it is stolen?

How would I know from the long list of files if it’s the SMS file? It can help you back up files and export them to PDF, HTML format quickly. A CSV file, which is short for a comma-separated values file, allows you to store vast amount of information in a file that can be opened with spreadsheet apps like Microsoft Excel, or Apple’s Numbers app just like other spreadsheet file types can be. This is a great way to keep a backup of your Contacts information safe for whenever you have a catastrophic meltdown on your computer or iOS devices, and in this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can export your Contacts to either an Excel or a CSV file.

But fear not, all of your contacts should show up in this XLS file and they will be organized by name. Your contacts will be organized by name and their information will be displayed in this spreadsheet. For better versatility, let’s look at how you’d do it. Phone has been my favorite smartphone platform for quite a while now, subscribe to our RSS Feed !

This guide will show you both methods. It is a bit more cumbersome to do from your computer, but fear not, our step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the entire process. You will follow these steps to make it happen. Now click on the Contacts app from the list of provided services. Next, wait for your contacts to load, and then click on the Settings cog at the bottom left of the webpage. From the list, click on the Select All option to make sure you have all of your contacts selected before proceeding to the next step. Once configured, click on the Convert button.

Test the file by opening it in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. Everything should be sorted in an organized manner. Your contacts will be organized by name and their information will be displayed in this spreadsheet. Download and install the app on your iOS device. Launch the app, and when you’re asked to give the app access to your contacts, allow it.