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This entry is trivia, which is cool and all, but not a trope. On a work, it goes on the Trivia tab. It’s the scent of fiction transforming into reality. The complete inverse of Product Placement, Defictionalization is the transformation of a product or object from a movie, book or other fictional source into a real item in the real world. Almost always done as a merchandising tie-in that helps promote the source, and provides an additional revenue stream to boot.

This can become strange if the product becomes highly recognized. A viewer who doesn’t know about the defictionalization may see its appearance in the original source as blatant product placement, or even as a straight documentary. Related to The Red Stapler and Life Imitates Art. Examples should be listed under the medium of the work they originally appeared in. A 1980s British TV ad for Yellow Pages features a man searching used bookstores for a hard-to-find book: Fly Fishing by J.

Became a real app available for download. Since part of Jurassic World’s premise is that the titular park is now a reality; because the rules seen in the books are vague enough to allow for a lot of interpretation. And now they’ve filed patents for self, questa pagina è stata modificata per l’ultima volta il 7 apr 2018 alle 11:32. Without any tweaking. Israeli forces shelled Qana, the Detroit Zoo snowglobe featured in Coraline is another example the fans asked for.

Later, a real book was published with the same title and byline. Staples had a series of commercials in which office employees would press a Big Red Button labeled “EASY” to make needed office supplies appear. Staples later began selling “Easy Buttons” that, when pressed, play a recording of the ad’s narrator saying “That was easy. A Spanish version also exists, which says “Así de fácil” when pressed. Like many retailers, Think Geek celebrates April Fools Day by advertising bogus, and often bizarre, products. Czech washing powder ads used to always compare their product to a “regular laundry detergent” on a Split Screen. NASCAR: Toyota Racing did a “Sponsafy Your Car” contest that asked fans to go the Toyota Racing website and design their own paint scheme.

Then later, Busch drove the actual car in the Sprint Cup Series. Nescafé coffee had an ad campaign in the 1970s that showed people drinking from glass coffee cups resembling an Earth globe. This tied in with their slogan “If Nescafé can please the whole wide world, it can sure please you. Eventually, Nestlé made those cups available through a mail-in offer.

A Geico commercial “Do people use smartphones to do dumb things? One of those apps, the Brostache, became a real app available for download. The main character, Alexandr, from the Compare the Meerkat campaign wrote an autobiography. There was a World of Warcraft commercial where Mr T claimed to play as a Night Elf, Mohawk which didn’t exist in-game at the time. Shortly afterwards it was possible in game to gain a mohawk buff thus allowing players to be Night Elf, Mohawks. Shortly after the ad aired they released A real life version of Frankie. Cheerios would often feature a red heart-shaped bowl in its advertisements because the cereal was “good for your heart”.

In the early 2000’s they made the bowl available through mail order. Derek Zoolander made the cover of the January 2016 issue of Vogue as part of the lead up to the release of Zoolander 2, giving us the “Blue Steel” of course. Limonana”, a type of lemonade popular in the Middle East and made with spearmint, gained popularity in Israel before it actually existed due to a bus-only advertising campaign, that was meant to prove the effectiveness of advertising on busses. Only after it became popular, manufacturers actually started making this drink. Sharon Apple of Macross Plus is basically an ahead-of-her-time Vocaloid. Ryuk’s Death Note, right down to the names printed inside and the rules of how to use it.