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A Programmable Logic Controller, or PLC for short, is simply a special computer device used for industrial control systems. They are used in many industries such as definition of automation pdf refineries, manufacturing lines, conveyor systems and so on.

A Simple Example  Consider something as simple as a switch that turns on a light. In this system with a flick of the switch the light would turn on or off. Beyond that though there is no more control. If your boss came along and said I want that light to turn on thirty seconds after the switch has been flipped, then you would need to buy a timer and do some rewiring.

So it is time, labor and money for any little change. Now consider the same device with a PLC in the middle. The switch is fed as an input into the PLC and the light is controlled by a PLC output. Implementing a delay in this system is easy since all that needs to be changed is the program in the PLC to use a delay timer. Hopefully a light bulb has now turned on over your head. From visit this site I know about alot of PLC. Submitted by vishal acharya on Sat, 2009-08-29 01:30.

Its really helps a lot to those reader who really wants to become somebody in the industry. What is the deference between alien broadly and Siemens plc? If I learn about alien broadly, is that can help me to work on siemens plc also? My goal is to learn how to troubleshoot. Do you have any class or self lerning cd for siemens Plc to troubleshoot guide and general concept? Submitted by shoaib nawaz on Sat, 2011-02-19 01:58. I search many sits but no one like this Its really helps a lot to those reader who really wants to become in the industry.

Hi,similar to other comments,thanks for putting this imformation out there it is very helpful. It is Japanese in origin, as are many specialized words in Lean. Jidoka traces its roots back to the early 1900’s at Toyota in Japan, then a textile manufacturing company. But it has also come to mean more than that.