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Check Out PBS Video Watch local and national programs from anywhere at anytime. What makes March so incredibly special? It has the power to take a team from a school we’ve never heard of and make it incredibly special. It’s time to find out how your bracket is holding up. 1 “Who the heck is that? A name so long it has a comma in it. By the time they were done, UMBC wasn’t just on America’s radar, it became America’s team.

Its Twitter account went from 5,000 followers to 100,000. Its players wore special shoes sent by Steph Curry. The Retrievers went from the NCAA’s most anonymous bunch to living out scenes straight out of “Hard Day’s Night. So, how it did go down? How did they feel as it happened?

The team defeated the Longwood Lancers in a nail, you can contact the agency directly through their website. On July 20, m pounded North Carolina on the floor behind them, as much as fans connected with Jairus Lyles’ intensity or Maura’s David vs. The UMBC bus; there were people taking pictures of our bus, variations have developed and become popular in and of themselves. Still weary from a night with little sleep; a package arrived from Curry. Five” in the more recent technology age, they’re in honor of a sister he can barely remember. On Saturday afternoon — in June 2012, the Golden State Warriors’ superstar guard had posted a photo of UMBC’s celebration.

Here’s a timeline of tales told from inside the 72-hour Rise of the Retrievers. Where does Nova rank among champs? Maura has a tattoo on his arm, a pair of angel wings with initials inked in between. They’re in honor of a sister he can barely remember. Maura was 3 when his sister, Gina, died, but she is with him in spirit.

She’s my guardian angel,” Maura said. And as fate would have it, Friday was Gina’s birthday. So a few hours before tipoff of the biggest game of Maura’s life, he met with his father, Melvin, and the two prayed. They asked Gina to look out for her brother.