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Summary This virtual lab will familiarize you with the science and techniques used to identify ap chemistry for dummies pdf types of bacteria based on their DNA sequences. Not long ago, DNA sequencing was a time-consuming, tedious process. With readily available commercial equipment and kits, it is now routine. The following browsers are supported and recommended for this virtual lab.

Google Chrome version 9 or greater. Mozilla Firefox version 9 or greater. Apple Safari version 5 or greater. Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or greater.

Download the accompanying PDF worksheet for students to complete as they go through the Virtual Lab. By downloading, you agree to the permissions to use this file. With the Bacterial Identification Virtual Lab, students see the connection among various molecular biology and bioinformatics topics rather than considering them in isolation. A variety of engaging animations, lecture clips, virtual labs, and other classroom resources teach key concepts related to DNA’s structure and function. Practice the skills and techniques of scientific research in a fully interactive, virtual environment.

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